2nd Sunday Music & Movement Jam with Kelly Cornelius

April 9, 2017 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm

Every 2nd Sunday of the month, our Umbrella Studio swells with improvised movement and music. A live soundscape for dancing is provided by a local musician. Dance and music dialogue together. All dance levels and styles are welcome!

Bring your own instruments to join in after 10pm. $10-15 sliding scale.
Kelly Cornelius

Kelly Cornelius is a sound, visual, immersive, and performance-based artist. Showing an early interest in both music and visual art, Kelly would paint by day and play improvisational structures on her sister’s piano by evening. Children’s instruments and household objects such as pots and pans were often assembled into K.’s orchestra of sound. The artist studied Contemporary and Classical Western Music and Theory on piano and trumpet. Later abandoning the training and focusing on fine art while attending studies in the Visual and Performing Arts Program at Thomas Johnson High School and graduating in 1993 with many scholarly awards. Percussion had remained a consistent self study and K. as she worked in many small ensembles and experimental sound groups. By this time the Indian Classical percussive instrument tabla had gripped the young musician and shaped much of the deepest studies through her young adult years. She spent a core of her early twenties studying Indian Classical Music with a focus on taal/tala, yoga, meditation, trance, electronic music, and film. In 2000 she graduated with honors from Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, WV and received her BFA in digital imaging/photography while crafting a focus on film, sculpture, modeling as living art, installation, sound, performance based art, ethnomusicology, and cultural anthropology. The artist spent many years in residence with The Blue Elephant Art Center in Frederick, MD. While in residence she frequently co-directed live performances as the inter-media group Transceover Soul. K.’s introduction into full scale hosting and artistic direction of art party/installation was Volume Performance Lab. Volume was a performance series featuring musicians, artists, dancers and activists such as Laura Burhenn, Plaeground, Lars Wigren, Paradigm9. By 2006 K. was living in Buffalo, NY and embracing WNY while finding herself inspired by the creative community of this area. K. is a partner and artist in residence with ALT THEATRE and a proud past artist in residence/member of Buffalo Arts Studio. She continues to pursue creativity in an interdisciplinary fashion on a daily basis.

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