4th Sunday CI Class & Jam with Kristin Horrigan

May 21, 2017 - 3:30pm - 7:00pm

Every 4th Sunday of the month, the dance floor becomes a learning lab for Contact Improvisation. Old- and new-timers discover the form together with a class that leads easefully into a jam. All dance levels and styles are welcome!

Class (open level): $10 | 3:30-5:00pm
Jam: $8-12 sliding scale | 5-7pm
Class & Jam: $15-20 sliding scale
Post-Jam Overnight Special: $30 | includes self-serve dinner and breakfast for one night only
Class Description:
Awakening to Action: Contact Improvisation
Touch connects bodies as they tumble with the force of gravity and the momentum of their own movement.  Sensing through their skin, the dancers shift, spiral, soften, and reach.  Whether you are a new dancer or a long time contact improviser, what captures your interest in this dance?  This workshop proposes to investigate the process of getting interested, deeply interested, in every moment, opening our perception to the myriad details that provide inspiration for improvisation.  Building on this lust for detail, how can we, in the moment of moving and perceiving, follow our interests into the unknown?  What physical skills do we need to survive the dance that results?
Kristin Horrigan

A contact improviser since 1998, Kristin Horrigan has taught and performed contact improvisation at festivals, studios, and universities in the USA, Germany, Denmark, Japan, Australia, and Argentina. She holds an MFA in choreography from The Ohio State University and teaches as a Professor of Dance and Gender Studies at Marlboro College in southern Vermont.  In her CI research and teaching over the past few years, Kristin has been focused on cultivating our ability to be interested, looking at the relationship between composition and play in CI, teaching CI technique in a way that preserves the accessibility of CI for people of all abilities, and exploring the ways gender influences our CI dancing.

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