Moving's View: EVOLUTIONARY 2018

 with Susan Schell, Karen Nelson, and Nancy Stark Smith

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May 20, 2018 - May 27, 2018

A week-long workshop 

Tracing the living evolution of forms in and through our own bodies, this workshop dives into and weaves together Contact Improvisation, Authentic Movement, the Underscore, Tuning Scores, meditation, and other current passions in the 9th occurrence of this intensive at Earthdance since 1998. Each body-mind is a map of evolutionary territory no matter where we are on the spectrum of experience. How does a sense of contributing to developing forms live in each of us?

We bring together a 38-year history shared amongst Moving's View facilitators, the space of Earthdance, and an evolutionary intimacy with the forms we continue to grow and share.

Moving's View is open to dancers and movers with some experience in Contact Improvisation and dance making, and a deep interest in somatic, inner-life work.

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First 20 workshop spaces are first come, first serve; after that a waiting pool

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Mike Vargas; Derrick Fore; Michael Cooper; Raisa Kyllikki Ranta


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