CIR: Creators-in-Residence

CIR: Creators-in-Residence, Earthdance's year-round residency program, offers the beauty and solace of Western Massachusetts and the community-living atmostphere of Earthdance with focused time and space for creative research.

CIR is an opportunity for you to delve into the development of your work and share with the local community through a variety of formats.  You can offer a weekly class to our residents and local community, a performance, give a talk, set-up a dialogue or discussion, or create your own way of engaging with the community that supports the development of your work.

Please submit CIR proposals 1-4 months in advance of your requested residency dates. Those with flexible dates are easiest to place.

What Earthdance Offers You
  • Working/Performance spaces including:

    • 2 beautiful, large dance studios with sprung maple floors and radiant heating
    • Several cabins and other spaces ideal for installations, video/sound editing locations, and unconventional performance spaces
    • The great outdoors: more than 125 acres of meadow and forest for art-making and respite
    • A church and community center for site-specific work (through collaboration with a local congregation)
  • Vegetarian meals prepared by Earthdance staff or self-prepared by CIR, depending upon event schedule. (Meat available for purchase at a nearby co-op.)
  • A wood-stove sauna nestled in the woods

We welcome creators of all types!  Improvisers, artists, dancers, writers, scientists, and researchers of all kinds are invited to invest in creative processes at Earthdance.

We welcome applications for CIR in a variety of disciplines:

Artist Sphere Whether you're a dancer, writer, actors, musicians and interdisciplinary artists. Time & space, indoors and out, to delve into what you want to create, with technical support and opportunities for community engagement.

Ecological Sphere: For environmentalists, scientists, researchers, green builders, ecologists, or anyone who wishes to engage with the Earthdance land and landscape.  Use this residency toward your own research and in collaboration with Earthdance's specific sustainability needs.  
JF/HTHLC Sphere: For young artists, dancers, performers, hip-hop artists, researchers, academics, people who wish to spend time developing their craft at Earthdance, along with adult mentorship. This program is NEW and we need your collaboration! Bring your ideas and help us develop it!
Earthdance provides 4 hours of studio (or other research/work space) each day, along with room & board.  Additional time is often available during the week depending on the current calendar of events.  Residencies range from 1-4 weeks and are co-created to meet the needs of each applicant.  

Have another idea?  We’re open to accommodating shorter or longer visits and creative structures that match your schedule and focus.

CIR residents live amongst our residential staff in a communal setting.  There is ample time for interaction, as well as personal retreat and exploration.  Depending on space/availability you are welcome to bring your full company, additional artist/collaborators, or to schedule other independent CIR residents to provide mutual support for your process.  Visit the Visitor Information page on our website to learn more about Earthdance and the spaces available to you during your residency.  

Participation of Creators-in-Residence:
Up to 3 hours of community engagement each week: Being at Earthdance is being in community; we ask that you take part in this collective home through cooking and light cleaning during your stay.
1 community offering: A public engagement that reveals something about your process and work during the residency (see above for details). 
A report or relic from your time at Earthdance, along with some feedback to help to us continue to develop this program. 
Creator-in-Residence Fees:
For a single creative resident, the is $35/day in the Fall, Spring and Winter and $40/day during the Summer. Rates for extended stays: $225 per week; $800 per month.
Creative residencies with more than 4 collaborators are offered additional studio access and meal support.  These Group CIR experiences are $50/person/day in the Fall, Spring, and Winter;  $60/person/day in the Summer.
Special pricing for E|MERGE Alumni: Former E|MERGE participants receive the benefits of a Group CIR at the rate of $35/person/day in the Fall, Spring and Winter and $40/person/day during the Summer. (Pending schedule availability.)
To Apply:

Download and refer to the application. Send all required materials to:

Sarah Young
Executive Director

Via email: sarah [at] earthdance [dot] net

Or by post:

252 Prospect Street
Plainfield, MA 01070

Please submit CIR proposals 1-4 months in advance of your requested residency dates. Those with flexible dates are easiest to place.

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